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Subject:To Círdan the Shipwright, the 15th of Narbeleth, year 2914
Date:Sun Nov 25 18:52:15 2001

Dear friend,

I am back from my long travels in the Eastern lands of Arda. It feels good to
be home again, for despite all the hospitality of Elrond's house, I have never
felt at home in Imladris. Hidden in the mountains and too far from the Sea, it
reminds me too much of Gondolin. 

Thank you for taking care of my dwelling and my flowers while I was gone.

As a sign of my gratitude, I would like to offer my assistance to you in such
a manner as I can. As the days darken, I see that more and more foreigners 
are visiting our city, most of them unfamiliar with our ways and customs. I
could assist you in guiding foreigners when they first arrive to the Grey
Havens. A friend of mine known as Voile proposed a path that can be walked
even when the weather is harsh on the walkers.

May the stars shine upon you.

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