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Date:Sat Jan 20 00:35:48 2007
Dear friends,

For a long time I have watched the passes near the foothills of the Misty
Mountains. Evil creatures have crept into the caves, and shadows have grown
darker. My old home was destroyed by an avalanche, leaving me without a

I have decided to move to the golden woods of Lothlórien. Kalev was kind
enough to help me move my meagre possessions to Caras Galadhon and find a
new home.

I am tired of living in constant fear and danger. It feels good to abide once
more in peace alongside my kin.

Lady Galadriel has accepted my offer to serve as a guide in Caras Galadhon.
Many foreigners visit our land to practice under the guidance of our famous
guildmasters, and many have come to stay here. They are not familiar with our
city, and I am willing to help them.

I am hoping you will come to visit me here,

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