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Subject:my friend lonelygiant
Date:Sun May 18 14:51:59 1997
This is a story about how i meet my friend which is a nice giant

It was a sunny day in urui and i was looking for my friend zim the hobbit
We where suppost to go help a nice elven maid called drow
While i was strawling around witfurrows in a good mood i heard someone
that didnt sound to be in the same happy mood i was in
So i thought maybee i can sheer this someone up and i start walking 
to the way i heard the sound
I didnt need to walk far to see who it was that made the sounds,and
to my supprise it was a huge humanoid a giant, at first i got scared
thought he must have lost his mind and ran here to kill everything
but as i look abit closer i saw he didnt look evil at all infact he looked
real sad and lost
I took the currage to get closer to him
Suddenly he looked on me 
I could see in his face he looked really miserable
After a couple of seconds he looked down in the ground again 
I was thinking i cant let him sit here sad in a beatiful day like this
So i said whats bothering you my friend
He looked up and said in a rasping voice
-i lost my business because of orcs in the east 
- im a baker and a peaceful giant
- so i thought i move here and start a new bakery but i cant find what 
- i need and i dont know my way around 
I thought i must help this man (giant) so he can get started
- maybee i can assist you in finding what you need if you like
The giant raised his head and smiled 
- yes please 
- Help me find honey so i can start please
I smiled at the giant 
- fol me my friend 
The giant stod up and smiled once again at me 
I walk to a place i knew bees use to have a beehive near witfurrows
As we arrived to the beehive the giant rushed forward 
i yelled 
- watch it they can sting you 
He didnt pay any attention to me as he took out the honeycumb from the
The bee was angry and tried to sting him but he didnt seem to notice it
After a little while he came back to me with the honeycomb in his hand
The bees suddenly attacked me instead like it was me that stole there
I started waving in the air to get em of me but it was no use i had to run
away from em and jump into a pond in the nearby 
The giant came running and laughing
- sorry i forgot not all is immune to they're stings 
He reach his big hand to me and lifted me up from the pond
- Take you my friend 
I smiled at him 
We walked to where i found him and as we walked he said 
- I can teach you my secret 
- If you gatter the herbs i need i while give the receipt for my famous
- they will give you food for a week in one dough
I said 
- its a deal my friend i will help you if you teach me 
He smiled at me once again and took out a pen and a paper
As he wrote on the paper i saw zim comming running through the forest
with his sword drawn and screaming in a battle cry 
I ran to stop him and
When he saw me and i was in no harm he calmed down after some seconds
he said 
- uurggh what its that kind of creature doing here in my beloved shire
As i luaght at him i said
- he is a nice giant he wont make any trouble 
- Hmmmm zim said but i will keep my eye on him
The giant came walking to us and smiled at zim 
- here is the list of herbs i need for my bannocks
- okey i go fetch em for you i said
I waved and took farewell of the giant 

End of part one 

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