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Subject:Battle in Sewers of Tharbad
Date:Sat Jun 7 11:41:06 1997
I was lolling about in the streets of Tharbad after acquiring a few useful
items from Cinard, scourge of Eregion for my fellow mage Ricola when I hear
a small voice politely beg for my aid. Looking down I see Jikg, a newborn
hobbit new to the lands of Arda and quite perturbed. It seems he was trying
to find the secret lair of the chief assassin deep within the sewers but had
no idea how to navigate its dark labyrinthine turns. Having explored every
nook and cranny of that foul place I gladly offerred my help. We decided to
wait for day so he could purchase some tools of his thiefly arts at a local
establishment that specialized in such matters. Having purchased the pick
I cast a cloak of invisibility about us both and we set out. No sooner had 
we passed the coach that a horrible sight met our eyes! The foul Numenorean
Labero had caught Ricola unaware and illequiped as she waited for the coach
to leave for parts north. Fleeing in a panic and gravely wounded, Ricola 
evidently met her death from one of the many evil denizens of that evil city.
I tried frantically to use my magic to wound Labero but his quick reflexes
kept him just out my reach every time I began my deadly incantations.
Knowing that I could not battle with the life of poor Jikg at risk I sought
a quick escape in the sewers hoping to elude our pursuer, show Jikg the 
location of the hidden guild and then beat a hasty retreat. However, Labero
followed us straight to the sewers and taunted us as we huddled in the guild
by knocking on the door and opening and closing it like a mad poltergeist!
I knew I had only one option- Fight our way to safely! Rushing suddenly out
I managed to get a quick lightning bolt into Labero causing him to flee.
That fleeting bit of triumph was quickly destroyed as the evil men who inhabit
the dank tunnels began to harry and wound me. Labero took full advantage of
my predicament and his hands began to engulf me in flames! Jikg unwisely 
dropped his cloak of invisibility to assist me and began to add his small 
hads to my aid against my tormentors. Knowing this was not enough to save me
I fled desperately into the sewers toward daylight and safety. Enmeshed in
battle Jikg couldn't follow. Leaving the small prey behind for big game Labero
began to stalk me and we began a running battle deep in the sewers. Though my
bolts blasted his flesh a few times his quicker flaming hands began to wear me
down. Wounded, I reached the entrance of the sewers just as Labero crept,
quiet and unseen into the room with me. All the while I could only gnash my
teeth helplessly as Jikg's cries for aid echoed in my ears. As Labero again
singed and burned me I called upon reserves of magic deep within me and sent
him reeling with a spray of colours through his distracting flames. This gave 
me the time to escape and I took full advantage of it. No sooner had a word 
of healing escaped my lips then did I notice the mighty Spinal in the room!
Quickly enlisting his assistance, we rushed of into the sewers to slay the
foul creature and rescue poor Jikg! Soon we found poor Jikg wandering around
befuddled and crying plaintively for help, but Alive! He gladly followed and
we retraced my steps hoping to slay Labero. Finding no traces of him through
the Red Door, Wise Spinal ventured that he had probably gone through the 
Black Door. Rushing there I bent close to the ground and indeed saw the 
tracks of his path. However, the tracks were old and Spinal feared he had
long since gone and went to set an ambush for him at his perceived location.
Before I could utter the words to stop him he left and I unwisely blundered
into a location from whence I couldnt backtrack. However the cunning Labero
had merely set a trap and as soon as a group of fierce snakes began to attack
me he stepped from the shadows and engulfed me in a ball of flames! Grievously
wounded I again fled and left poor Jikg behind and Labero pursued. As I stum-
bled blindly through the tunnels, for this was a section through which I seldom
ventured, Labero scored hit after hit and slugs and snakes added their bites

and stings to my misery. Bleeding all over and feeling my stamina fading I
managed to find the time to again utter the words of healing before Labero 
sent me to my final reckoning. finding a room free of the accursed monsters
which ruined and lengthened my usually quick spells I waited for Labero to
arrive and called for Spinal to quickly rejoin me. I had not long to wait
before the foul Numenorean arrived to find a resurgent foe rather than the
weak and desperate victim he expected. Magic flared, turning the fetid water
to steam and scorching the moss encrusted walls around us. Though Labero 
again managed to wound me he finally fled even closer to death than I was as
a final bolt of lightning penetrated his defenses. Knowing that the enraged
murderer in his bloodlust would not rest til he stood over my corpse I quickly
gathered my wits and held off pursuit, fearing to go out into the midst of
the foul creatures which would ruin my magic as before. Rather I stood stock
still and kept repeating the words to my trustworthy spell of lightning,
knowing Labero would blunder into me in his rage. Sure enough he did after a
few agonizing minutes and before my eyes even registered his foul presence
one last bolt shot from my hands and reduced him to a shattered corpse, even
as he was reciting the arcane words that would surely spell my doom! Having
no sooner gathered my breath than Spinal burst upon the scene, a smile on
his face as he saw the scene and heard my cry of exultation. Arriving in time
to at least sort and carry the treasure if not to aid me, we began to root
through the corpse, finding a treasure in gold and jewelry, a magnificent
shield encrusted with gems, a magical grey cloak similar to my own, and a 
fabulous belt of wrought silver that I had only heard rumors of. Generously,
Spinal let me keep all in honor of my hardfought victory and we set of to
gather the hapless Jikg and take a much more leisurely coach ride to Bree
and safety. Though I know that Labero's soul gnashes his teeth in rage and
frustration at my diabolic tactics in whatever accursed hell he rots in, I
find it only fitting to give him a taste of the same malevolent cunning of
his which has spelled doom for many a brave adventurer who has crossed his
path. I shall climb into my bed at the homespun Prancing Pony Inn and sleep
the sleep of the just and the righteous tonight!
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