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Subject:a tiny adventure
Date:Thu May 14 17:01:19 1998
On one of these days in Birithron when the sky is clear and
the weather is freezing, I decided to set up on a journey to
pay my old enemy Mormaeg the Tarantula a visit.
I heard from a traveller that one of those assassin orcs, Karmador,
was out on the bloodhunt again, but as he seemed to be located some-
where up near Dark Tower I thought he would have a hard time to find
me there, beyond the wind-plagued lands near Last Bridge.

After disposing a cavebear at the entrance, I found Mormaeg
where he used to be, in the darkest part of his dungeons.
It took not long before we had entered a fierce fray, as
he still will not listen to my preaching, and would not let me out.

My clerical powers were diminishing, so wounded I fled to another
part of the dungeon where I know he loath to go, healed up to a
healthy condition and decided to mend my sword.
After about an hour of mending i suddenly feel an
ache in my back and everything is black.... Karmador had - as if
Mormaeg had called upon Sauron for help - found me. I woke up in the
halls of Mandos. The ainu were willing to let me back to Arda though,
probably as they were interested in and baffled by me who wanted to
get back to their lands where thieves and assassins roam unhindered
and kill you in an instant without a warning.

So I go back to the blessed lands and armed with but a torch I
foolhardy make my way back to the evil spider's lair.

The orc has left most of my equipment, but taken my staff of course,
as they are the most precious things in arda and extremely hard to
get by. Being an utter fool I have no spare shield. Fighting Mormaeg
again, I quickly make use of my both torches, as they seem to be of
low quality. I end up entangled in his nets in an awful condition, and
using my nightvision spell I can only watch him stalking me down in
his infested caverns. Once again I end up in Mandos' halls, surrounded
by Ainu who mocker me. Not only was I so stupid as to walk around - and
especially rest - without the sanctuary spell up. I was stupid enough
to return to their lands overrun by evil they cannot master an had
to pay the price.

Now I am back. I know I made a dreadful mistake by trying
to recover my corpse in that place without being prepared enough.
I should have known better. But I would trade all my spells for one -
only one - that could kill in one hit without warning and be useful
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