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Date:Thu Oct 15 21:36:07 1998
Greetings all,

Now I'm a soldier, and I like my food. Furthermore, I like a good meal
when I'm travelling, either on patrol or on visits to nearby towns.
Now normally, I'd cook venison, beef etc. My receipe is as follows:

Venison á la go.

- 5 lbs deer meat (freshly butchered)
- salt to taste

1. Butcher any freshly killed deer or stag (beef may be used as a
2. Cover the meat in salt
3. Cook in a pan over a medium heat, until well done (this last point
   is important, as the meat must be dried of any juices to keep well)
4. You can smoke it lightly over the flames for extra taste.
5. Store in salt to preserve it.

Now this recipe is fine, but it is a big meal, and heavy to carry. Thus
several days provisions can weigh you down considerably. Yet it is very
  Can anyone suggest any lighter, but just as filling for a hungry 
soldier like me, that would be less burdensome to the back? Any
recipes would be greatly appreciated! Or alternatively, you might
like to suggest some shop that prepares a special bread, pie or something
that would meet the same requirement. I'm ne'er shy of spending my copper
on a good feed.

regards to all,

Gwaywffon, of Rohan.
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