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Subject:Re: Provisions
Date:Fri Oct 16 06:18:15 1998
Surely food is an important problem when you have to travel in a hurry and
you don't have time to kill some boar or stag along the way, butcher it and
cook its meat.

One way to solve the problem is to travel with someone able to persuade the
earth to sprout mushrooms, like myself - but I admit those mushrooms, while
nourishing, are not tasty at all.

I heard that, somewhere in the Shire, people speak of a fabulous person who
knows the recipe to make delicious and nourishing bannocks out of honey, eggs
and flour, and who sometimes gives them to hobbit children as a gift. I had the
occasion of tasting one of those bannocks, and they are truly delicious. When
I tried cooking some myself, though, I only managed to bake a disgusting
sticky mess - I guess one needs to know the exact dose and temperature.

Anyway, returning to the recipe - the hobbit who gave me the bannock to taste
said that he didn't know how to bake them: a sack full of bannocks had been
given to his little daughter by someone much taller than an elf and much
broader than a human, "the giant who lives in the Hills of Faraway". He
probably wanted to make fun of me, everyone knows those hills only exist
in children's tales.

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