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Date:Wed Nov 4 02:45:34 1998
Hearken, my fellow adventurers!  I have just experienced a noteworthy event
that I must simply pass on to you all.  This very night past, as I walked the
normally quiet road south of Fornost, I ran across a foul creature riding some
sort of wolf!  I immediately knew it to be an orc, although it was certainly
the first I have seen in the flesh.  Knowing that it was likely to be a mighty
fellow, and knowing myself to be yet weak, I quickly spurred my horse back to
the gates of Fornost.  However, the orc must have sensed my plan, as he was
there waiting for me.  I ran a bit, then realized that my only chance was to
make it through the gates.  I ran beneath those massive portals and issued a
call to the guards, hoping they would allow me to pass.  Even as my call
echoed off the wall, the orc once again arrived to slay me.  I crossed my 
fingers and dove to the ground as his sword whistled over my head.  As I
rolled to my feet, I incanted my best known, if not most powerful, spell.
Instantly a dart of magical energy flew into the beast, and he fled long
enough for me to dart through the gates.

This is where a normal novice such as myself would thank the gods for my
safety.  However, the orc yelled insults at me, calling me a coward for
fleeing from his obvious might.  Despite better judgement, I lifted the bar
on the gates and dashed under the portcullis, where I again met the orc.
Again I intoned my spell, this time hitting the creature of Sauron with two
separate darts of magic.  By this time others had arrived to do battle, and
the foul wolfrider ran for the woods....but not before I landed yet another
blast of magic.  All told, I pained the orc four times with my spell, and
he only was able to encant on me once.  However, his spell was much more 
powerful than mine, even in total, and I was forced to rest for a brief time
to recover.  Now though, I have seen the glory of battle, and I will more
eagerly learn my lessons in order to become one of the famed fighters of
Sauron's ilk.  Good morrow to you all!
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