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Subject:Re: Fishing
Author:a fisherhobbit
Date:Mon Dec 21 09:20:23 1998
Dear lad,

In response to your inquiry about fishing, I would be delighted to teach you
 how to fish. Come join me at my hole, and we'll make a day of it.

Remember that fishing is a sport of luck, skill, patience and concentration.
 Finding a good, quiet spot is important, since too much noise will scare away
 all of the fish! I prefer to fish in deeper waters where a boat is required,
 but a few of my friends like to fish in the shallows. And while it's okay to
 rest for a while, I don't recommend falling asleep at the net.

Anyway, you start by casting your net into the water, then you wait. Don't
 stray too far, check it for fish occasionally. Just look at the net, and
 you'll be able to tell which fish you are likely to catch. Once you're ready,
 just get the net and any fish inside it. You won't always catch every fish,
 but that's where your luck and skill comes in.
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