Subject:[Flame] A Summary
Date:Fri Nov 17 19:42:37 1995
The history and personnas of the Flame board:

Manwe: recently unmasked as Pier, can generally be summed up as "U.N. 
Socialist cynic."

Fog: rabid naive american capitalist. "America Rulz!"

Petrel: Petrelinski can generally be defined as the leader of the flame
boards communist bloc, although when pressed for reasons usually mumbles
something about lack of time.


Ariakas: generally interested in topics of sexual origin, or english grammer.

Maedhros: still clinging to fantasies of U.K. superiority, with a mixture of
stupid british jokes no one finds funny, and the occasional smattering of
Mume related-flames.

Ministry: I like to call the 'renissance man'. He knows everything, to cross
him is a sign of your ultimate naivite and ignorance on a topic (or so he
would like you to think.)

Staer: the voice of reason, logic and truth.

Phier: witty, sarcastic, a close twin to the Ministry(tm) school of 
thought. But he's a Vala, so he outranks Ministry.

Helene: literary critic of the Flame board.

Thorin: long winded posts about International Relations no one cares about.

Fili: king of Norwegian fucked up characters, obviously suffering from
America-envy, he feels the need to clutter the board with some reminder of
his puke country.

Nom: newcomer, fond of "=)" characters, and generally speaking out his
naive ass. Perhaps he will learn someday to enter in with the 'big boys'.

Zarangal: don't mention clients or .se, this tends to trigger his auto-
posting mechanism.

Highlander: Knows nothing about constitutional law, even though he is
going to be a lawyer, showing early signs of Tater(tm) disease. We hope to
be able to cure him before it goes into advanced, terminal stage.

Nightstar: bleh. He should be building, not trying to make lame posts (yes,
a redundancy).
This is a brief history for those wishing to gather some pertinent 
information about this board's history, and its characters.

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