Subject:[General] the rl day of the MUMEr
Date:Thu Oct 24 02:28:03 1996
*snore* *snore* *snore*
*roll over*
Wake up, look at clock, realize how you can't go to school or work today
because you have to get an iron on your mage and re-warlord your troll,
so you make a few phone calls...

"Boss, look i'm sorry I can't come to work today again...I...I know I know
I haven't been to work in a week, its only this one more day, see they
opened moria and the balrog and...*click*" 

"Professor, I know I haven't been to class the whole semester and I've 
failed every test and project so far but can you just give me this last
chance, my troll is 5 wps from warlord and steele is on *click*"


So you go over to the computer sniffing sadly at those silly people who
would just never understand....

Ainur's Garden
Rick is standing here.
Thor is standing here.
Meryaten is standing here (Idle).
Rick is now riding you.
Thor spanks you on your butt! Is it your birthday?
Slayer shouts 'YOU ARE AL ASSHOLE'
Darkie narrates 'fucking clueless gods'
Whitie narrates 'anyone know how to get to bill ferny?'
Steele narrates 'come hidden'
Whities narrate 'coming'
Troll narrates 'steele dies'
Orc narrates 'who wants warsword? or should I just hide it for newbies at
listen none
You stop paying attention to all that you may hear.
/at 14 read next
Message six billion and forty nine : more whining (WhinerologI)
      blah blah blahy blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah whine blah
bad suggestion blah blah whine whine whine whine blah.
/at 14 read next
Message six billion and fifty : RE: more whining (WhinerologXVII)
    You gods are really stupid you know, you give us a tp requirement and
we get NOTHING for it, hello?????  You know I have no rl, and this change
just means so much to me dammit.  Get rid of sundeath for one, and get
rid of this stupid tp requirement, there are NO TPS IN WARRRENS HOW ARE
/at 14 read next 
Message six billion and fifty-one : RE: more whining (WhinerologV)
    I JUST FUCKING SUNDIED AGAIN!! DAMMIT darkness regressed and there
was no message and my link cut when I was trying to find my way from
e priest to bend no fair I want a reiumbursement I mailed Manwe but I
got no response.  This is bullshit god trolls suck blah whine blah
/at 14 catchup
listen all
You now pay attention to all that you may hear.
Huor narrates 'level'
Silly narrates 'level :)'
Scrape narrates 'groan'
Huor narrates 'dammit silly'
Silly narrates 'its all your fault Huor'
Huor narrates 'I already had to give up on Galawon *sigh*'
OrcShamanX shouts 'can anyone fix the bug with my hps???, also mobs are
hitting me much more than usual this is messed, please?'
Moron narrates 'yeah they must have changed the code for agg mobs, these
wolves are autohitting me all the fucking time!'
Moron shouts 'fucking fix agg mobs'
CluelesslegendXVII narrates 'fuck!!!! BNs got me at ferny again!!!'
who black
56 players on.
whois CluelesslegendXVII
CluelesslegendXVII is a level 30 Human Warrior.
trophy MidlevelBN 
1, 1%, #CluelesslegendXVII
Rick has left Arda.
Friedchicken tells you 'kit'
/kit friedchicken
Your kindness to the young people of Arda is truly vast!
Friedchicken tells you 'im looking for my 21 10 15 19 20 12 dwarf warrior'
Friedchicken tells you 'wish me luck'
Steele narrates 'come hidden'
Whities narrate 'coming'
Troll narrates 'steele dies snicker'
Orc narrates 'sold warsword to kormock if anyone wants'
Newbie narrates 'anyone help me to stats?'
Orc narrates 'any1 did want warsword or no?'
OrcII narrates 'heh my 30+ BN thief already has two'
BN narrates 'hmm my BN warrior will need one when he gets to level 9'
Phier narrates 'hello scum of the internet'
/at 46 read next
Message 5050 : Room 4044 - (Daum)
Darkies are overpowered, fucking hold spell is wizkill meow meow.
Excuse me while I go get sanc/lightning/store/call up.
Phier narrates 'dont you hate it when you come home from a long day and
she doesn't want to put out'
Phier narrates 'i suppose none of you scum know what I am talking about'
XXX narrates 'guide us, Uncle Phier'
Nom narrates 'stupid american elitists =)'
Phier narrates 'the people with the big penis will always win'
Cluelesslegend narrates 'level!!!!'
Phier narrates 'but again, none of you euros know what I am talking about'
Crafty narrates 'snicker'
Whitie narrates 'anyone help me with willow?'
Celes narrates 'heh skeletal warrior kicked my while it was incapacitated'
LegendMCMXVII narrates 'five trolls in hole'
OlogMCMXVII narrates 'elf scouted hole, fuck'
BNII narrates 'orcs say huge huge puke group GER, get to grinder'

*spam narrate follows*
Baldersux narrates 'they nexus now'
ScrapeSucks narrates 'they got me at prac trolls'
Burstbites narrates 'heh corpse spam at caved inn :)'
ThoracSucks narrates 'fucking LOSER WHITIES!!!!!'
ElegilIsADick narrates 'god they are such wimps'
Phier narrates 'any of you low-life losers need anything before I ignore
you all?'
Phier narrates 'I thought not, I'm off like a swede's pants in a dairy farm'
Phier narrates 'remember that I hate you'
Achilles narrates 'bunch of troll wimps in warrens cant stand up to poor me
on 2400'
/whe achilles
Achilles - Greenway
Drom tells you 'ah its Mr perfect, think you know everything'
Dork narrates 'fuck! Mournblade took me BHC!! get him!!'
Mournblade narrates 'anyone want to buy a bhc =)?'

You groan loudly.


There will be a MUMErs anonymous meeting at Manwe's house next thursday
at 9 pm, airfare prepaid.  Guest speaker is Scrape and the topic is 
'missing class for a piece of eq'  Later this month we will discuss
lying to your girlfriend about MUME and the trauma of the sundead troll.

/Scrappy, your favo(u)rite humo(u)rist.

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