Subject:[Ainur] issue that needs to be discussed
Date:Sun Jan 19 22:53:12 1997
I have not really played in awhile, and so do not know the latest
issues that are being discussed. I am adamant however that it needs
to be removed. This issue really bothers me, and by the number
of other complaints i know it bothers everyone else. It is destroying
game play this issue. How can pkill be fun with this issue hanging
over our heads. If you powerful ainur don't remove this issue, i may
never play again. How would Tolkien think upon this issue, or
of us playing this game,that uses this issue. I really think
you are screwing up the game with this issue, and it better be

Feel free to use my comments to vigorously bitch at the latest atrosity Mume is plaqued with.

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