Subject:[Flame] Re: Dear Staer
Date:Thu Mar 13 22:40:15 1997
Oops. I would like to apologize for my recent posts which have been exceeding 80 chars. It would
appear that while I'm at work - my screen defaults to a larger size - and in the frenzy of answering
numerous customers insanely stupid questions, I lose track of the fact that the screen is too large.
Anyway, I've since learned my lesson and I do solemnly promise that you will never see another 80+
char post from me again. I have taken careful measures to keep my posts under 80 chars because I 
know how much it bothers everyone. It has given me great pain that so many of you have had such 
difficulty with my posts, and that pain has propelled me to ensure that I never make such a blunder

Thanks for your patience,

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