Subject:[Flame] help
Date:Sat Aug 23 15:20:44 1997
I need help!

  It seems I've been mudding too long! The other day I got
busted RL by some police officer who wanted to know why I
was naked and walking around town!  The conversation went
something like this:

Cop: Just what do you think your doing?
Me:  I'm looking for a few friends.
Cop: Uh huh.  Just why are you doing that naked?
Me:  I'm trying to find them so they can help me re-equip!
Cop: What are you talking about?
Me:  I died a few ticks ago and lost all my shit!
Cop: Listen... I think your drunk, I'm gonna have to take you in!
Me:  No no!  I need to find my corpse before repop or it gets
     looted, else I need to get/steal some gold to buy new
Cop: So, your a thief eh?
Me:  No, I'm a caster! Heh, nothing beats throwing a few
     fireballs at something/someone!
Cop: Hmm, listen guy. So far I got you on nudity in public,
     drunkeness, now it looks like I have a case of arsen too!
Me:  NO NO! You got me all wrong!  My alignment is good! I was
     out last night trying to help a few warriors kill a few
     people in another clan!  These guys in that clan are all
     evil trouble makers!
Cop: Ok. Let me get this right... you are naked because you
     died while starting fires with a few friends while trying
     to kill members of another gang?
Me:  Well sorta.  I opened a portal which my friends and I entered
     so we can head off a few clan members.  Upon entering I 
     started casting to sanct myself when the clan dudes walked in
     and started bashing me.  Few fireballs later I was almost outta
     mana and moves so I tried to port out.  I failed and ended up
     dead due to lag!  Damn bugs!
Cop: Ok, place your hands behind your back! Your coming with me!
Me:  *gasp* 
Me:  flee
Me:  teleport xxxx

You are locked in a cell! You cant do anything!  Nobody hears you!

  What can I do?  Does anyone else have these problems?%l

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