Subject:[Flame] Re: Contest
Date:Wed Sep 24 10:49:12 1997
A few other niceties, all from the same zone as the previous:

As you look at the furniture, the chair you sit on disappears.

The statue represents the one-eyed Odin sitting on a his throne.  He has
long, grey hair and beard and a strict look on his face.  On top of the
throne, just above his shoulders, his two ravens Hugin and Munin are sitting
and at his feet are his wolves Gere and Freke.

The name 'Papi Llon' has been carved into the name plate.

The sign points in all directions:
   North - Emerald Avenue.
   East  - Park Road.
   South - Emerald Avenue.
   West  - Park Road.
Someone has added the following with red paint:
   Up    - Redferne's Flying Citadel.

The the chain reaches the clouds high above you.  It must take some really
powerful magic to hold such a chain in place.

The house is obviously very old and needs painting.  The heavy oaken door is
equipped with a brass door knocker shaped as a goblin's head.  No name plate
is to be seen anywhere.

As you look at it, the goblin door knocker comes alive!
The head splutters 'Tiz iz da houze uff Kwiff... Kuiffe... Qwiff... Erhm...'
The head splutters 'Quiff... Quiffil...  Ne'er mind!  Quiffy livez ere!'
It opens its mouth wide and gobbles 'Unlokk me!'

[look typewriter]
It is an ancient Quifatronic T-1000 mk I.  These machines are known for their
incredible durability, and for their even more incredible weight.  They make
a Cray II look like a laptop.

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