Subject:[Flame] Bored of MUME (part 3) ?
Date:Tue Sep 15 23:52:55 1998
You played DC, made 42 chars, got bored, dumped nearly all, got bored, kept
one you use every 31 of the month?

You played Freeciv, got stormed by *experienced players, tried again, got
bored of having to play 6 hours in a row and still not finish a game?

You are supposed to code on M7, work on your PhD/Master/Exams/Whatever or
impeach some sigar smoker?

                            THIS IS FOR YOU!

Play the *best* strategic game ever made! Feel the thrill of the surprise
attack on a defendless starbase! Cry while your beta torpedoes make battleships
burst in laugher! Meet Mystery traders and their unknown technologies!

                               PLAY STARS!


There you can find a playable demo that you can upgrade to registered 
shareware by buying it or by, err, hmm, buying it...

If enough people are interested, I would like to start a PBM (in fact a Play
By FTP) at one turn/day, possibly more.

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