Subject:[General] You wanna be Old School?
Date:Fri Apr 30 10:49:03 1999

You wanna be "Old School"--with all the coolness and cachet that
engenders? Well here's a simple rating system, much incomplete, but
with some basic guidelines. This mostly applies to whitie casters,
with some extras as noted.

5 pts: get max enchant; you'll make more friends that way in any

10 pts: get max trans; yeah it's a bitch but back in the day you
could get a trans from noc to gh with just a holler

5 pts: get port and locate life; screw word of recall...it's for

5 pts: practice call lightning and create weather; you'll never
use either but come on, complaining about call is practically a
MUME tradition!

10 pts: only practice ride to 40%--you can build it up to 100 just
by riding around, right? Or at least you should be able to, right??

1 pt: only speak in Westron. If anyone uses any channel in another
language feel free to narrate, "Westron please!" (2 pts if you're

15 pts: trade any and all eq for a worm hide. We're talking high
style, here.

5 pts: practice hide; due to some psychological block you still
need it in order to stab. (thieves)

1 pt: toss one back for the old bartender at the Last Inn

2 pts: measure out all ports in terms of superzones

1 pt: maintain a healthy distrust of hobbit children, who may
follow you and cause the plank on rtf to break

5 pts: remove your weapon when travelling from the Brandywine
Bridge to the Road to GH, or conversely

3 pts: complain about how MUME III was better.

You wanna be Old School? Then make some sacrifices. Style costs,


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