Subject:[Flame] Re: Casting for the Animated LotR Movie
Date:Fri Jun 11 22:33:30 1999
After reading that casting list for the LotR Animation Movie, Eolung came
up with a BRILLIANT idea: A casting list for the LotR Movie, but with MUME
chars as the LotR chars. Here's my suggestion, it would be funny to hear
other people's ideas too (it's tough to come up with all chars, but some
are rather obvious). I had a lot of fun thinking of these, I bet most folks
have their own ideas too.

I insisted on the race/alignment/class being as correct as I could get it 
(when possible - I mean, balrog, ringwraiths etc. are a bit exotic), and
then I chose the most famous character I could think of. And I chose not
to select more than one char per player. Of course it's a pretty subjective
list, but well, I like it :-)

Oh yes, and the LotR chars are taken straight from the Animated Movie cast
list, I'm sure someone could think of other LotR chars to include too...

Gandalf               Thorac

Aragorn               Galdor

Arwen                 Rentera

Boromir               Huor

Gimli                 Sreyrin

Legolas               Gandor

Bilbo                 Kareem

Frodo                 Zim

Sam                   OneNut

Merry & Pippin        Shatter & Pomfrit

Tom Bombadil          Galawon

Goldberry             Ida

Barliman Butterbur    Hanse

Elrond                Dalrond

Glorfindel            Ailwon

Celeborn & Galadriel  Ginlon & Elle

Saruman               Labero

The Balrog            Jotun

Shagrat & Gorbag      Orlaug & Cavalera

Chief Ringwraith 
(the Witch-king)      Liekki

The Other Ringwraiths Painless, Filifjonkan, Oyclo, Ragface, Pheare, Bootyho,
                      MrBurns, Alamus

Eowyn & Eomer         Shy & Umodetic

Theoden               Sandello

Dead Men of Dunharrow Various estonians

Grima Wormtongue      Diamonium

Denethor              SuperDeathFlame (Belegurthruin nowadays)

Faramir               Coxa

Shadowfax             A horse of the Rohirrim

Shelob                Mormaeg

Gollum                Gangee
Actually, I had a hard time chosing between several chars for almost all
roles,  but this is what I came up with in the end.


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