Subject:[General] Best MUME Pick-up Lines
Date:Mon Nov 29 06:26:15 1999

Ah, Forelithe, when a young adventurer's fancy turns to
thoughts of love...

Okay granted, "best" is a very relative term, here. Some of
these were overheard once upon a time, some were
shared with yours truly upon request, and the rest I'll
never admit to coming up with myself, let alone ever
using... ;)

Notes where applicable.

Aratar save us, but here we go...

"I've never seen a plain shirt look so sexy."

[For casters] "I pracced summon instead of trans 'cause I
wanna get you here with me naked."

"I'm going to complain to the secretary. You're pstealing
my heart."

"I'm burning, you're fine, and I'm slow in bed with max

[For rangers] "Type 'who ranger'. You're making me

"I must be in Mandos because you slay me."

[For hitting on ainur] "I type 'who gorgeous' and you're at
the top of the list."

[For hitting on mages] "Are we in Tharbad? Because
you're practicing your charms..."

"When I laid eyes on you, the earth shivered and Arda
seemed to have reshaped itself."

[For legends with houses] "I hear there're good tps back
at my place."

"Wanna get arachnia and go to bed together?"

"Let's go to the Fornost baths and I'll show you my 

[Sorry, I couldn't resist] "I'm making a staff and we're not
even in Valinor."

Didn't "l'epouse de Manwe" play MUME at one point,
however briefly? Hey, you never know. ;)

C'est l'amour, et c'est la vie!

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