Subject:[Flame] MUME Physics
Date:Wed Jan 5 03:57:01 2000
I was looking on the web for new MUME web pages and I found this, at 

        MUME is a unique phenomenon which has the physicists 
stumped. It is a great international void which sucks up
astronomical quantities of time, and nothing, except for
some radiation, a few electrons, and a couple of printouts
once in a while ever comes out. 
        Many of the orbiting students(including myself) have
had their GPA dro

                   d    <-- note the point at which your
                            GPA reaches terminal velocity
               RocK BoTtOM  

and have been forced to exert strenuous efforts to reverse,
or at least slow down the fall as the prospect of RocK
BoTtoM grew nearer. Unfortunately, as MUME's escape velocity
is EXTREMELY high (my personal theory is that it exerts the
force which accounts for the 90% of the missing mass of
the universe, thus when I find a way to prove this, I 
will be credited with finding darkie matter and receive the
Nobel Prize I so justly deserve) the free failing students
must attempt to study more while maintaining their
24hour/day MUME addiction hobbit.

        But worry not! No matter how great(or ungreat) you
are, ultimately, NOTHING you do can change the fate of the
universe (but everything you do will bring the universe closer 
to it's fate :). Hamlet himself, the author of Shakspeare (the
box office hit) once said, 'Ya know, Caesar himself could be 
this brick in my wall...' (well something like that; I don't
remember the exact wording). Wheather the universe decides
to collapse into a spec of ultra extremely gigantically
ludicrously dense material, or spill out over the voids
until the last solid body (and brain) evaporates into nothingness, 
you will be able to do exactly nothing, no matter how great a
MUMEr you are. Enjoy the ride :)   

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