Subject:[General] Mume in 2005
Date:Sat Jan 15 22:37:28 2000
Jan 2005
Mume has now graphical room descriptions, at least ASCII graphical.
They were drawn by Rashnak and when another player enters from the
east one sees his ASCII image slowly moving from the right side of 
the screen to the center. Management has still problems with the 3 
dimensional conception of Mume beacause the screen only allows 2 
dimensions. Many Ainurs said that u and d exits or even better n 
and s exits should be cut out of the  game other prefered to give 
every player 3D spectacles, though it was not yet cleared how 3D 
ASCII graphics could be drawn.

Feb 2005
There are no longer zones where playerkill is prohibited.
Most pk action has now moved from Warrens to the 3 retirement
rooms to which both races now have access.
Management introduced 5 new stewards which do nothing else than
dragging corpses out of the halls. Many players say that Mume has
never been so much fun although it is sometimes hard do distinguish
who is fighting whom.

Mar 2005
Mume faces heavy danger to be banned by the US gouvernment. 
Due to the pressure by the forthcoming second presidental term
elections George Bush junior said that the US would undertake every
measure to secure US citizens from Mume. Asked for the meaning of
MUME he hesitated and said: 'Multi Unilateral Management Entity'.
He further said that he was convinced that arabic fundamentalists 
stood behind it.

Some Gouvernours of southern states of the US were more concrete:
'We think that MUME undermines the moral integrity of our children.
First it is allowed to drink alcohol in the public, then there are no
problems shown that are connected with alcohol consume and 
worst: On their way to the inns many underaged people have to cross
bars were alcohol is sold not only to adults.'

Apr 2005  
Mume management reacted on the increasing pressure with new rules:
1. It is not allowed to drink alcohol in the public.
2. Alcohol consume now makes chars addicted to outline the nasty
When an addicted char does not drink for a certain time he gets the
message: 'You are beginning to tremble.' All stats are decreased by 5 
a short time later.

Mai 2005
Due to the new alcohol rules crime in Mume has risen. Many players are
not longer able to get enough money to pay for their need in alcohol.
So a new herblore was implemented: Anyone who brings Barliman the fur
of the balrog gets the receipt for brewing beer from him. 
There is also a new ranger skill called farming which is needed to grow 
enough hop and malt for the herblore. Most players say that one should 
max that skill to rock.

Jun 2005
Playerkill between Ainurs and Mortals is now finally allowed. After
many mortals say that Mume now sucks Management answered that they would
whine about every change.

Jul 2005
A new score list was introduced: Linklesslord-List
Every player who suffers mob or playerdeath while being linkless
now gets 1 Linklesspoint. Mume sees a growing number of australian
players who are fighting for the first place.

Aug 2005
The first char has reached level 500. 'Unnamed the RLless is a man' finally
managed to reach the level by spaming 4 years through middleearth with auto-
attack actions. His trophy is said to include around 10^6 mobs of 3800 
different types. Asked for comments that he was only a mudbot he just replied
'if (parse(*line_input,question)) {wait(3);out(text[&answer]);}'

Sep 2005
Some swedes complained that they weren't able to top linklesslord list with
their link Managment introduced autolinkdrops after a certain intervall
for scandinavians to get the game more balanced.

Okt 2005
A new roleplay mud called 'Addicted' has been opened in the US.
Players can play kids there that are addicted to playing computer muds.
The mud has reached a high popularity under Mume players who enjoy
the great roleplay and the ultrafast link to fire.pvv.org.

Nov 2005
A new coach line was implemented: Bree-NOC beacause many newbies said
that they couldn't find the way there on their own.
Rangers patrol now the east road till rivendell and noc. Mume now sees
huge mob battels between hardened rangers and orcish patrols on the path

Dez 2005
A new command was implemented: whine [-sp] <text>.
Text is then displayed in red blinking letters on narrate and on pray
channel. With the option -sp the line 'I will stop playing.' will
automatically added behind text.

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