Subject:[Flame] Olympic Games
Date:Mon Sep 18 19:30:01 2000
Btw why isnt golf an olympic event???

Hmm lets have a mume olympic weekend.
Pit each country agaisnt one another for the greater glory!

I can imagine howard cosell's broadcast of the event.....

Hello and welcome to the games of the I mumeiad!
If your just now joining us let me recap the first day's action.

The Estonian team jumped out to an early lead thanks to their superior 
labbing skills. They were slaying slowlinked australians left and right.
Meanwhile the most veteran team from sweden was underseige by the gigantic team
from the United States. While the americans dont have the most skilled team 
in this mumeiad, they were wily enough to recognize that the swedes should
be their first pk targets. After losing a small portion of their force they
holed up inside the gates of the blue mountains where they successfully hold
the americans at bay.

On another front an unholy alliance has formed between the candaian and czech teams.
In an attempt to trap and annihlate the alliance of denmark finland and norway
the czechs lost their nerve and bailed out. Unfortunately they left the redshirted
team from canada behind, and as a result the canadians and their clever
captain Trapgum were annihlated to the last man.

In action later that day the czechs combined forces with the estonian team 
in order to demolish their foes from the .fi .no .dk alliance.
Unfortunately for the czechs they didnt watch their backs and were slain during
a linkfreeze by their estonian "partners"

But In a suprise move from the Vala's officiating this mumeiad the czech team was
reinstated after it was found 3/4 of the estionan team tested positive
for actions, cross-race info, and eq-transfers.  But after the brief reinstatement
the czezhs lost their 2 team co-captains for positive tests as well.

And thats the recap folks! Sweden underseige by the U.S. Austraila out. Canada out.
Estonia and Czaech Republic almost out from self inflicted wounds.
The alliance of finland norway and denmark is crumbling due to allegations
of sheep snatching... who will win? what country will prevail?
Stay tuned for the I mumeiad!

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