Subject:[General] April 1, 2004
Date:Fri Apr 2 17:50:49 2004
Tlorin narrates 'the charging for muem is tupid they give them two much, if
the just get championm hting they can see enimies onn where and freee prac
resets thats unfair'

Brindo narrates 'A pair of cotton pants says 'Now I shall rid Middle Earth of
this artifact!'  wtf?'

Brindo prays 'hmmm, must be some godly intervention on my pants... thanks?'

Kamil narrates 'wtf....why is stone talkin to me?!'

Scruff narrates 'too much mauve'

Kamil narrates 'wow'

Monte narrates 'my vambraces are talking to me'

Kauket narrates 'wtf is going on with ppls eq talking to them?? is this the
april fools thing???'

Monte narrates 'anyone else having conversations with their eq or is that just

Kamil narrates 'yea my whet stone is talking to me about killin a dragon'

Brindo narrates 'no, it's not a joke. Do what your equip says!'

Kauket narrates 'i want my bow to talk to me :('

Winteria narrates 'mine said semi-afk and it was my water skin  does that mean
i can use it?'

Lateralus narrates 'lol Where do you want to go to rest today?    '

Monte narrates 'can I get an exorcism on my vambraces please? they are

Kauket prays 'someone make my eq talk to me :('

Arla prays to Kauket 'There seems to be a bug, we are working on it.'

Gruenthar prays to Kauket 'your equipment has been instructed that if it
doesn't have anything nice to say, not to say anything at all, so...'

Iostream narrates 'A broad girdle says 'Oh very well.'????'

Adaric narrates 'someone playign w/ ventriloquate?'

Kauket narrates 'i just prayed for my eq to talk to me coz im bored :P.... The
voice of Gruenthar whispers to you 'your equipment has been instructed...that
if it doesn't have anything nice to say, not to say anything at all,'

Kauket narrates 'why wont my eq talk to me :('

Lowyn narrates 'you've got some problems'

Kauket narrates 'i feel so left out *cry*'

Bungil narrates 'anyone going after nazgum and poly in old fnost'

Lateralus narrates 'your a bad lay ?'

Kauket narrates 'yes i do and....'

Adaric narrates 'kauket, you are a worthless bastard who is not worhty to be
spoken to. THAT is why it won't talk to you.'

Kauket narrates 'oh ok :)'

Adaric narrates 'wait... tis april fools day... must be this year's joke...
talking eq.'

Adaric narrates 'guess manwe and dain didn't like my idea of totally messed up
vis wp...'

Elóril narrates 'Has it happened to one person or multiple people?'

Kristian prays '*tilt*'

Kristian prays 'A shiny flute says 'Why am I loaded here?''

Carta narrates 'I was hopong this year's joke was all the highly strung
narrates I've been seeing recently.'

Carta narrates '*hoping'

Winteria narrates 'my water skin talked'

Arla prays to Kristian 'Its seems to be a bug with messages, working on it.'

Kauket narrates 'did everyone just see that advertisment??'

Idryll narrates 'a water skin says ," i don't know where to go from here?"'

Winteria narrates 'about time someone elses water skin spoke'

Idryll narrates 'i'm serious this is wierd!'

Verdant narrates 'my waterskin is trying to get down my pants!!!'

Lanos narrates 'i want a talking water skin'

Monte narrates 'A thin pair of metal gauntlets says 'You! Slave! Come here.''

Devon narrates 'A pair of plate vambraces says 'Bork bork bork!''

Devon narrates 'right...'

Hathol narrates 'is it april 1st?'

Hathol prays 'cant you think of a more origanal prank :P'

Kesslik narrates 'the meanest joke they could do would be to make a news
announcing the return of visible wps'

Aêric narrates 'I suggested that to dain! To do it only for the last 12 hours
of the day or something :D'

Brindo narrates 'I still like the idea of forcing the sun to apologize for
global warming'

Elóril narrates 'Again, what kind of April fools joke is that? :p'

Hysteric narrates 'A pair of smooth, black boots says 'Hey! Come derry dol!
Hop along, my fellows!''

Hysteric narrates 'are gods possessing items?'

Zalin narrates 'A hooded brass lantern says "would you be willing to help me
with a dangerous task?"'

Eomir narrates 'Whats the task? :P'

Brindo narrates 'when others are talking crap, listen to your equip, follow
their advice!'

Arikah narrates 'wtf?? i tried to rent and received a advertisement message!
april fools?'

Monte narrates 'A longsword says 'I heard Malardil is dead, the Master will be

Ralck narrates 'please tell me this 'advertisement' thing on the start screen
is a joke'

Courage narrates 'An orkish shortbow says 'AFK. what if i need it?'

Hauke narrates 'It is April 1st 1.5 timezones east of EST (USA). So yes, those
silly British are already living up to the wonderful dry humor for which
they're famous. '

Belámir narrates 'this message board moderation is kind of a joke.. posts on
the IC board listing a merchant's stock have been called "Troll" posts?'

Belámir narrates 'how do you figure?'

Belámir narrates 'It was my previous understanding that 'troll' posts on
message boards referred to posts that were made simply to be inflammatory'

Flegrik narrates 'last year's april 1 post about the client ban was much

pray belamir You are welcome to bring up any complaints about unfair moderation
You send your message to Belámir and the Ainur.

Belámir prays 'I'm just curious why a post on the IC board by a merchant
listing his/her stock has been labelled a 'troll' post. Perhaps I don't
understand the meaning of the word 'troll' in this context?'

Belámir prays 'And if so, what exactly is the working definition of 'troll' in
this context?'

pray belamir Your basic definition is correct. The moderators are human, which means that they may be mistaken or that their perception of that post may have been different from yours.
You send your message to Belámir and the Ainur.

Belámir prays 'And you're certain this message board moderation is not the
April Fool's joke?'

Xxx prays to Belámir 'I personally moderated it down for a good reason. read

pray belamir You are welcome to bring a formal complaint
You send your message to Belámir and the Ainur.

Theraz narrates 'lol a ring says you want to burn the antlers, don't you?'

Belámir prays 'I would absolutely love to hear the reason. Post 1687, I would
assume, on the IC board. Any chance you could share this reasoning with me?'

Aryiel narrates 'this is a non aggresive question...so mume has changed so
that if you are rich rl you can start a char higher then a poor person who has
spent weeks out of their lives building form basic?'

Mùshìbäg narrates 'A thick pair of metal gauntlets says 'Let's rest here for
an hour or so.'

Velgular narrates 'cool.. a rating on the news boards?'

Velgular narrates 'A thin metal breastplate says 'I don't know where to go
from here!' laugh.. message server rocks..'

Monte narrates 'A longsword says 'Aaarrghhhh! I cannot bear the presence of
that red amulet!''

Fortina narrates 'A forest green cloak says 'Now I shall rid Middle Earth of
this artifact!''

Aryiel narrates 'A double edged eket says 'Nice jewel, worm. Now hand over
your lockpicks.'

Silivren narrates 'hehe messages are messed up'

Kesslik narrates 'Kesslik says 'stfu newbies, quit narrating that nonsense''

Horacio narrates 'give set eket- It seems to have it's hands full.'

Horacio narrates ':p'

Carburo narrates 'you stfu kesslik its ment to be narrated about'

Agarwaen narrates 'my leggings are speaking...'

Agarwaen narrates 'this is not a good sign'

Tangorra narrates 'what did they say?'

Agarwaen narrates '*+ R>A pair of chain mail leggings says 'Hey, who's fooling
around here, where is the Sage?''

Gónhai narrates 'How are Items talking?'

Hops narrates 'gods playing tricks on you'

Verdant narrates 'BN's are casting ventriloquism on you!'

Braneth narrates 'A thin pair of soft leather boots says 'Level!''

Agarwaen narrates 'some virulent version of schizophrenia?'

Aribeth narrates 'wtf:P'

Aribeth narrates 'An engraved broadsword says 'Why am I loaded here?''

Rokko narrates 'its nothing, my icy ring sayd that i cheat .)'

Velgular narrates 'my gauntlets told me that it didn't like spoons..'

Gucci narrates 'A plain leather belt says 'Farewell, my friend.''

Babanovac narrates 'hm mume going comercial? i have a bad feeling about

Babanovac narrates 'ok just read the web page and i cant help my self: THIS

Draugdin narrates 'what?'

Babanovac narrates 'mume changes'

Zachwell narrates 'even If I'm willing to par ridiculous prices?'

Babanovac narrates 'why shoul dppl ith money have better chars?'

Pastor narrates 'umm...do we still get to play for free? :)'

Deedoo narrates 'omg new account system aehm is for rich people?'

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