Subject:[General] Why you have to be crazy to try to Balance this MUD :)
Date:Wed Jul 26 05:24:13 1995
Chorus of legends:
  We are bored!  We are bored!
  In these sad days of MUME's decline
  You never see a troll or orc
  Who dares come west of Nen-i-Sul
  And brave proud Bree's too strong defenses.
  Misguided gods!  Gods of malaise!
  Do you care nothing for excitement?
  Have you forgot the heated blood,
  The joy of battle, lust to kill,
  Which once made MUME so fine a MUD
  And which, now fled,  brings boredom's reign?
(exeunt left, wailing and commisserating)

(Night falls.  Enter a *troll* left and a group of whitie legends right.
Alarums and excursions.  They fight.  The *troll* kills the legends, utters
a wild trollish cry of triumph, and exits left.)
(The sun rises.  Enter another chorus of legends, right, dressed as mourners.
They stand over the corpses.)

Second chorus of legends:
  Unloving gods!  O! Care ye not
  For balance?  O!  Pray mark you here
  These sad remains, that moulder here,
  Grim, blood-boltered evidence
  Of trolldom's mighty unchecked sway.
  Oh!  Care ye not for legends' lives,
  For lost xp, hard-won equip?
  Please pare these trollies down to size.
(exeunt right, shaking their fists)

This is just my personal opinion, or artistic expression, or whatever :)
Petrecles the Bard of Linhir

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