MUME Rules

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NOTE: The following helpfile is obsoleted as of October 3 2004. All these issues are now handled by alignment.

Elbereth's list comprises those who only want to murder citizens of the world, be they Elves or Men or Hobbits or Dwarves. This is normally not given for a single murder, unless the victim is of high status (Elrond, Cirdan, Arwen, or the like). Any good persons who wish to revenge themselves upon the list members have full sanction to do so, without fear of Sauron's list. Penalties for the list, besides the above, include being wanted in all Elven towns, lowering of base alignment, and possibly other penalties as well.

Special mobiles which interract with good-players are also afforded protection via the list. For instance, guildmasters, shopkeepers, gatekeepers, those who furnish you with goods etc. If in doubt, players are warned not to attack it.

Technically, Elbereth's list provides a way for the Valar to give additional evil-penalties to those players who do evil acts, when alignment doesn't help. Players murdering other players who protect good mobiles can face the list as well (See RULES SAURON).

Unlike Sauron's list, placement on Elbereth's list is temporary. Typical durations range from 5 years to 15 years, though shorter or longer sentences are possible. Sentences are cumulative.

Assisting anyone on this list will be considered an evil act and will result in listing for a shorter period.


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