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Subject:Warg Feeding Regimens: A Young Snaga's Dilemma
Date:Tue Sep 22 03:12:03 1998

To any expert warg trainer:

Hi! I'm glad to say that I am the proud new owner of one playful
but hungry little warg cub. I want to make sure he gets enough to
eat so he can build strong bones and healthy teeth, but I'm afraid
I might feed him to much. Do you have any recommendations as to
how many times I should feed him every day, what kind of food he
should and shouldn't be getting, and how much is best for him? I
currently feed him half a pound of diced elf meat twice a day (I
prechew it, of course, since he's barely off his mother's teat),
and I leave a bowl of chilled hobbit broth around for him to drink
whenever he wants to. Is this ok?

Secondly, when can I start him going on solid food? I know this
is an important step if he's going to be able to fend for himself
if he needs to, but I don't want to rush him.

Also, what kinds of things can I feed him to promote a shiny, healthy
coat? I groom him regularly, but this isn't always enough, of course.
I want my warg to be looking his best when I take him out on the hunt.
I want my warg to be the envy of the pack. I want all the other wargs
to look at my warg and say, 'Wow, look at that shiny coat on Gorgoroth's
warg! He is one lucky canine!'

Lastly, what kind of feeding regimine do you recommend for an extended
hunt? I know elf meat is without a doubt the best choice, because of
its light weight, high calorie value, and low fat content. My question,
though, is how much, and how often? I don't want my warg to lag at the
back of the pack because he doesn't have the energy to keep up, but I
don't want to feed him so much that he gets cramps and bowel movement
problems. And of course, there's still weight considerations, even with
elf meat.

I would greatly appreciate advice on any of these points.

Thanks in advance!

Gorgoroth, Amateur Archer and Unabashed Warg-Lover

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