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Subject:a few old memories...
Date:Mon Nov 16 19:06:26 1998

I heard ancient stories,
Most of them true,
Bits and pieces of these,
I assembled for you.

Belal calls to his side,
The invicible forces,
Of Sauron's great tribe.

(I desire to slay),
'KILL HIM', cry Minions,
Who are too far away.

His blood we shall spill,
Be it only for sport,
*Armageddon the Orc*,                     (1)
Makes an Elf two feet short!

Nightmare cackles,   
That Elf became soup!
But, by accident(?)
Arma left our group!! 

Nightmare can't believe her eyes,
'You must be Achilles in disguise!!!'               (2)
'Make an example of you I will,'
'The next time you follow me, you will be killed!'

'Onward!', said someone, his spirits still high,
'The <censored> will feel some smites of mine!'
'Let chicken pukes flap their wings,'
'The Glorious Battle for Arda begins!!'

I feel my spirits rise afresh,
I feel the craving for more elven flesh,
I somehow must reinforce this sensation,
I must provide even more motivation!

Tell Prami, 'O, Great one, I call on your might'  
'Make the Dark Soldiers of Arda unite!'
'We need a war cry, please think fast,'
'Death To All Orcs!', Prami narrates at last.

Let all follow Slayer,  
Not so grumpy, his mood,
But his caps-lock, as ever,
Broken down for good.

Rentera flees east,
Slayer hot in pursuit,
Let the Brinen beasts
Take away our loot!

Shompol arrives,
'What has happened to you?'
Dara gulps down
her last bowl of elf stew.

'Slayer forded the group,'
Slayer fumes like mad!
'FUCKING MORONS', says Slayer,
'YOU MADE ME DO THAT!!'               (3)

(1) The part about Belal and Elegil has nothing to
    do with the part about Armageddon and Nightmare.

(2) Nightmare's actual words, 'you're worse than Achilles'
    did NOT mean to imply a connection, this was meant
    purely as an insult.

(3) Although such a statement it would be in character,
    Slayer did not try to divert the blame... much.

p.s. The above is a recollection of a few completely
unrelated memories that for some inexplicable reason have
stuck to my mind. If you feel that i should add or substract
something, feel free to point it out.

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