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Subject:The Night Before Christmas
Date:Thu Dec 24 01:15:55 1998

Twas the night before Christmas and all through the cave
Not a creature was stirring except one lonely knave.
He crept down the hallway, his dagger to share
With the pukes that he hoped would soon be there.
They came in the stonedoor and down through the pit
Stupid snagas killing defense, yes, that would be it.
The lag was atrocious, and soon he had fled
For he knew he'd reconnect and find he was dead.
The monitor had been murdered for the armor he wore
And Gruksh was too wimpy to mind his own store.
The guards were slow and the hobbit did sneak
In through the slag pit to take a quick peek.
He found a lagged uruk he quickly dispatched
The poor sucker's equipment was quickly snatched.
Our hero did meet him in the Great Hall,
But even on aggressive he hit not at all.
The hobbit did bash him and bolt him and flee
While the lagged orc did frantically change his wimpy.
Finally at awful he said with a sigh
This game truly sucks, and this is goodbye.
With a curse and growl he sat back in his chair
Knowing full well that mudders beware.
This game is unbalanced, and buggy and queer
I'd do it much better," he said with a sneer.
So he hacked and he coded and built with delight
Scribbling and testing throughout the night.
Finally he'd seen his vision complete
And forced a harsh codebase to admit defeat.
"Soon you shall see where I've spent all these times
when I'm not playing mume or making stupid rhymes."

Merry Christmas MUME
Santa Orlaug

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