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Subject:meeting with an emmissiary from Numenor
Date:Sat Aug 24 08:20:10 1996

AFter spending many days in the caves learning how to master my skills I finally
decided it was time to go and meet our fellow clan down south. I packed my stuff
and started my long journey south. After just one day riding I encountered 2 horrible
elven hunters they attacked instant, I fought for my life, but I am yet still to poor
in combat, luckily enough I could outrun them. I took shelter in  a huge cavesystem 
with trolls everywhere (our leader has a huge trollarmy to call on our enemies). I licked
my wounds and stayed there for over a week. When I was fit enough I continued my journey
Just after one or two days I saw some fellow orcs, they could not stay for long, because
they had to continue their patrol (they said something of many elves and humans coming down
and attack them, so probably the damned Elrond is planning something). ANyway I continued south
I walked and walked in the night and took cover when the cruel sun was high. Even though I was
careful I got lost pretty quick in the mountains and I never reached the old caves. When I 
realized I was lost I got pretty scared, this was afterall old dwarf territory.
I came down to an old road called Hollin road, and I followed it. After about 3-4 days I 
encountered A huge Dunlending hunter, he attacked me at once, I fled very fast as I was too weak
under the sun to fight him. I wondered around in the area and found many more Dunlendings, and I
have to say they are fearce warriors. Since I was in very bad shape after fighting many of their
warriors I tried to make my way back north when I met 4 blackhaired soldiers and a tall man,
they looked much like the few powerful sorceres of numenor they sometimes comes to us.
I was just going to talk to them, when a strange looking man attacked me with powerful
magic, he hurt me very bad and if not Sauron's beasts was flying over me at that time I would 
have died, the beast snatched me and put me down far away from the Hollins.

So maybe the numenors are finally sending their warriors to aid us in the war against Elrond
and his followers.

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