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Subject:Diary of an curious orc *Moria*
Date:Mon Oct 21 16:57:24 1996

I have heard only impossible stories of the Mines of Moria. None
seem too believable... and so I took it upon myself to find out for
myself whether these stories are true. I began my journey in the
winter - a most desirable travel period for an orc.

I planned carefully -- plenty of food, 8 mighty orkish draughts, 
water, snowshoes and my trusty warg, Goldie.
I was heavily armoured -- I knew this wasn't wise, but my fear of 
wounds outweighed my fear of being chased through the snow. I 
traveled far west along the river banks up to the Mighty Bruinen.
On my way I forced to drive my warg hard to outrun an oafish Hill Giant.
Twice I encountered pukes from the west. Luckily I had dabbled in 
the magic of seeing things invisible to our eyes. I was most fortunate
to have this skill.

I was forced to sleep a night in an old barnyard but at least it was warm.
I crossed that old rope bridge and headed south. The directions I had 
received from a fellow orc weren't clear and I found myself wandering the
shores of the Bruinen until finally I caught a glimpse of the trail 
that leads through the thornpatches.

Once I was forced to take cover when a mighty elf attempted to spit his
nasty fire at me. Fortunately my will is strong and I resisted, fleeing 
to the safety of a beast's lair where 4 mighty demon wolves kept me
company through the daytime.
At night I sprinted south along the road passing open fields of
glorious deer and stag. That day I was able to take refuge in the 
caves of old which once housed our mighty armies.

The next night was a horrible one. The slopes of Redhorn Pass 
are not forgiving. I hate them. I took me nearly a week to finally reach
the downslope of the pass. When I finally reached the valley on the 
other side, I was hungry and had no food. It was then I realized my 
biggest mistake. I hadn't packed a suitable blade for preparing meat.
Had I not caught sight of a Numenorian feeding on rabbit over a fire,
I surely would have starved to death. The thought of treading across
Redhorn with no food was more than I could bear.

The Numenorian gave me food and we parted ways after killing 
several beasts. I made my way toward Moria, giddy with excitement.
When finally the gates were before me (Nearly a month since my 
journey began) I nearly wept for the sight of covering where no 
light would pierce my eyes.

I found the gate unlocked, but my shock upon entering nearly 
made me falter...

One of my own kind called an alarm and several archers lined
the great corridor and shot arrows at me. One took me in the arm 
and I was forced to run out closing the gate behind me. I was
horrified that these treacherous ones would hurt their own people.
I spoke the words that cause shamans to become invisible, but 
my fumbling mouth couldn't speak the words correctly. A warrior
can't do this well, but after a day of meditating I managed to
fade from sight.

I entered again and was appalled to discover that these orcs 
had the gift of seeing the invisible. A large patrol chased me, 
but I fled, opening the doors inward. At great risk I ran across
Durin's narrow bridge, and I suppose those cowards were afraid of 
the precipice because they didn't follow me.

I worked my way west until I found a great stairwell. Down I went
into a lower passage. 

I trembled upon finding the warm corpses of three huge Ologs and a
fellow orc.
I knew no orc had passed this way recently, and that only meant that
there were pukes about. Carfefully I hid my tracks and ducked into 
hidden mineshaft. I remained a full day eating the lichen off the 
rocks there. 
I went back to the corpses and found great morningstars there. If
I only had the strength to carry the bucklers, stars and metal armor,
I knew orcs would be grateful.

After wandering some towards the west, I climbed a steep stairway.
At the top I found a passageway leading upwards. The trail lead to  
some strange looking rooms. There an orcish warrior spied me and attacked. 
As he stepped towards me, we both heard a *click*. I Froze not 
knowing what it was. The warrior looked at me with horror as he ran 
back the way he came. I dove to the west just as a huge boulder swung 
into view clipping my shoulder and throwing me to the floor. 
I knew I was in trouble. My arm bled profusely, but at least I was
alive. I glanced over and saw the other fellow hadn't made it. 
He was crushed to death on the floor. Carefully I stood up. I realized 
I had been hit on the head too. My eyes were momentarily blinded 
by the blood that rushed down my head. 

I was dizzy and staggered backwards a few steps. I swore as I heard 
another *click*. I don't remember anything after that. 

Only Darkness...

Diary of a curious orc
- Imp

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