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Subject:Diary of a curious orc *Moria* pt. 2
Date:Fri Oct 25 00:41:41 1996

With more experience and a little information from my friend, Snicker,
I worked my way towards the east gate of Moria. I had plenty of food, and
I was well equipped for any emergency. I had even taken the time to study
the art of creating food - albeit a limited amount of studying!

Now some say that's it far too dangerous to venture through the eastern side
of that ancient Deep. But I don't fear it. Perhaps I'm not too bright, or
perhaps I'm just courageous, but I have no problem slipping past that 
traitorous patrol that guards the inner hall.

Once again I taunted the archers from the safety of Durin's Bridge -- I had
remained unseen until I just past them, and I couldn't resist jeering at the 
"watchful" crew.

Now snicker had mentioned a secret passage that lead to the upper chambers
of a long forgotten ruler. But once there, I found a most curious thing.

A book.

I had always been insulted for my desire to learn of things Magick. But
most said I should stick to my gifts -- and as much as possible -- I had.
But peering through the pages of this ancient tome inspired me to do one
thing if I ever could.... to learn to read magic runes. 
This book was huge. And yet I couldn't decipher any of it. In fact, most
pages seemed just blank to me. I vowed upon my father's grave to learn 
to read magic. (My father had the unfortunate name of "Wimp" -- a family
name that stuck with time -- and given long before we knew the common-
tongue meaning of the word)

I heard a clang down the hall as I perused the book... and I quickly threw
the book in may sack. Glancing around the door I saw a patrol coming.
I had never seen the likes of these orcs. The followers were small, and 
frail, but the leader was strong and together they could have made
quick work of me. So I slipped past them, only to run smack into one 
of the biggest trolls I had ever seen. I've been to the Trollshaws and
I've taken a quick peek at Grinder himself. And while Grinder's reputation
as a destroyer is great, this guy might have given him a real challenge.
He flung me across the room, and I took the hint, and fled.

I walked straight into the patrol and tried to bluff my way past them, 
but when the troll lumbered at my heels, I took that confusing situation
and used it... I ran.

I didn't stop until I ran into a small pool of water, tired, and thirsty. 
I moved on. 
Twice I heard the stoney troll yell after me, but I eluded him.

Eventually, I found an entire troll lair. While the trolls were feeding
on an elven slave, I slipped into the throne room and found a secret door.
I didn't find much of worth.

One of the trolls spotted me... a young one, and I slew him as he yelled
for help. *sigh*

On the run again, I slipped down a slick flight of stairs. I headed east
once I reached the bottom.

I found a strange watchtower... but the ruins made it hard to see what I
was suppose to be watching. But it was possible to tell whether it was 
night or not.
I headed back west and eventually found an icy cavernous lake. I swam 
across to the other shore just in time, as I realized the stone troll 
was chasing me again.

I climbed up the cold passage way on the western shore only to find a 
dead end. Now Papa always said that dead ends don't exist... only dead 
hobbits <rimshot>.
I searched and found an exit leading north... to the outside.
I walked out onto a ledge that led to the bottom of the mountain... 

I headed back to that watchtower to try and get rid of the troll.
At this point I made a big mistake. I didn't realize I wasn't seeing
the unseen -- my magic had faded...
I only remember bats. Many of them. Small ones, large ones and a 
species I had never seen before. They had remained unseen, until it 
was too late. When they faded into view I realized there were more than
a dozen of them. They swarmed me.... They were vicious, and they wore me
out so bad I was too tired to run from them.

Another sad ending, but yet another lesson learned in the Diaries a 
curious orc.

- Imp

PS Anyone for Moria?

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