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Subject:Diary of a curious orc *The Dark Tower*
Date:Sat Oct 26 06:25:07 1996

We were all enjoying the fire Xile had built right 
here in this very spot when we were interrupted.
A young orc, whom I had never seen stumbled into the
room panting. He was bleeding openly, but he was also
so worn out that he simply collapsed before us.

"They were everywhere!! Maybe 10 or 12 of them!" he 

"Who?!" one of us demanded.

"Those miserable Dwarfs! And there were elves 
conjuring horrible things out of thin air!" 

"What are you talking about?" I asked.

"The Dark Tower was invaded. Not one single orc is 
left standing." He coughed and took a drink from the

We were stunned. Silence. 

He continued, "I was attacked and fled, One of the 
guards told me to come and get help as he fought off
A dwarven axe-bearer."

"We've got to go now!" someone demanded. But the others
stayed silent. So did I. I had heard of these Dwarves
and what I knew made me worry. A few of the other orcs
were pretty angry and they formed a group to go attempt
a rescue. But fear gripped me, and I didn't go.

That evening we heard the news that two of those orcs,
Vale and Jalap died at the hands of the Dwarves.
Unfortunately, reinforcements arrived and the group 
was forced to head for the caves, unable to reclaim
even the corpses of their fallen friends.

It was with this knowledge that, the next week, I 
joined up with a group of Uruks to go spy out the 
There was Shaddam, Basher, Robot, Sharon and Pretoria
to name a few. Earnur had gotten news of this expedition
and made his way to the caves. Dagrim also joined
us as we bade farewell to the gentle Helena -- who 
had parted from us by giving us each a special blessing
on our trusty blades.
By day we boldly made our way to the tower. I simply
look with admiration at these Uruks. Their stamina
in that hideous light is awesome.

As we neared the tower walls, we quietly edged our way
to the gate. Simultaneously we bashed in the gate 
burst in. The guards had not seen us, and were 
completely awestruck. Basher led the fray and the rest
quickly executed the guards as they surrounded Basher.
Without hesitation, Basher and Sharon spoke quick orders...

Bash the doors in!

Check the watchman!

We slipped into the depths. I paused long enough to 
snatch up a nice helmet from a fallen soldier.

Two more groups of guards were no match for us. Soon
we were surrounded by bodies. Dagrim and Earnur spoke
to each other in ancient tongues as they blinded our
enemies. It was cruel the way we buchered them. 

And I loved every minute of it!

I added a pair of greaves to my stock as we slipped 
into the Captain's room. 
After a vicious struggle we bested him. Oddly, I watched
Dagrim spring into action as he dragged the Captain's
body out into the cool night. I followed and -- please
forgive me friends -- picked out the best equipment
off the Captain. 

The Great Goblin himself had told us to wait until he
sent us reinforcements before leaving. Some of us were
nervous and wanted to get out. Yet we waited. 
A few of us picked through the dented equipment on 
the floor. 

Soon we heard news from a scout that some pukes had
been spotted on the road to the tower. I didn't like 
that. But I felt secure in this company... 

A few hours later we spied the orkish guard approaching. 
With little thanks, the guards took command of the 
fortress, pushing away the dead and preparing the site
for a visit by the Great Goblin.

With a shrug, our crew headed away, a little richer, 
and more importantly, a little wiser.

Just some more thoughts from the Diary of a curious

- Imp

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