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Subject:Diary of a curious orc *The Necromancer and beyond*
Date:Tue Oct 29 03:06:19 1996

Message 30 : Diary of a curious orc *The Necromancer* (Imp)
 Written on Tue Oct 29 01:33:12 1996

 Our evening began early, just as the rays of the sun were 
edging their way over the peaks of the Misties behind us. We 
had quite an evening of chatter with some Trolls, who, by the 
way, are quite hospitable. They had a fire going, and had 
brought out some aged elfskin -- they had saved it for a 
special occasion.

We bade farewell to the Trolls, gesturing -- it's simply not 
worth the agonizing trouble of trying to understand each 
other's words. Those Trolls can hardly even speak. In fact, 
we spent nearly an hour trying to explain the expression, 
"bob me". 
So Shaddam, Pretoria, Bolg and I mounted our wargs and made 
our way west down the Old East Road. We were watchful along 
the way. Shaddam nervously checked for tracks periodically. I 
watched in admiration, since I have never been taught in the 
art of tracking and hunting.
Upon my suggestion we ventured over to the Priests hovel. 
Shaddam was nervous  about this, but I convinced him that the 
Priest had some valuable things to teach us... and since we 
weren't too far away....
I spent careful time learning about the art of sensing hidden 
lifeforms, but it was frankly difficult to concentrate with 
Shaddam constantly checking on whether I was done or not. 
There was no time to practice much. We left quickly, and 
thanked the old Priest, who certainly has seen his share of 
Our wargs were worn out by the time we turned off the road 
towards the south. We had passed a bridge on the way, and 
seen littered items from those miserable the roadside. We 
rode hard -- so fast I wasn't able to take note of where we 
were going. Finally, we decended... and trudged our way 
through a thick mud. 

 Pretoria and I were left behind as the mud pulled at our 
feet. We were leading our wargs, since they would never make 
it through otherwise. But in the confusion and my desire to 
live, I was forced to leave my warg behind to suffer the 
effects of that sucking mud.

I was disoriented, but up ahead I heard Shaddam calling out, 
"Head north by east" At last our group was united. I wasn't 
sure how, but somehow Shaddam had acquired a key that let us 
into a dark room.

The room's occupant was not happy with our arrival -- he kept 
shutting the door every time we opened it. Finally, Bolg put 
his foot in the door and insisted we be allowed to enter. To 
the Necromancer's dismay, Bolg blinded him as soon as we 
entered. Shaddam whacked him and his private guard of 
skeletal warriors threw themselves at us to prevent us from 
harming the old man.
 We were forced to disengage the warriors and lunge at the 
Necromancer, but the confusion of having so many of us in 
that cramped room made it difficult to be effective. Finally, 
I slammed by body into whoever was there, over and over 
But the most shocking thing was when the Necromancer conjured 
up two more of those skeletons! Shaddam had taken two 
powerful spells from the Necromancer, and he was forced to 
back off... immediately Pretoria was targeted. Surprised, he 
too fled out just as he slayed one of the warriors. Upon 
Shaddam's suggestion we all backed off. Our strategy had 
failed. I was steaming mad! I knew we were stronger than that 
wimp!(Not you, papa)

After a brief rest, Shaddam said, "Alright, you take care of 
those blasted skeletons. Bolg and I will take care of the 

We stood and unlocked the door. They were ready for us. But 
we charged them with renewed fierceness. Quickly the 
Skeletons fell to our blades, just as another one appeared. 
But by then, Bolg and Shaddam had beaten back that old mage, 
and soon it was all over. Shaddam worked quickly, searching 
the corpse for that fabled amulet... ah yes, the amulet! I 
didn't mention that, did I?
 It is said that this red amulet has the power to call 
strange beings that will come to your rescue, taking you to 
safety, out of harm's way. For those of us who serve Sauron 
(may he reign in the darkness of the skies) there's a small 
defect in the amulet. It must be turned black. This is no 
trivial matter. You must travel far to the south, close to 
the edges of Moria itself.
 There, in the mountains, is an old refuge where orcs once 
roamed. There, in a cave, a black with his powerful
 magic. This makes it possible to use the amulet to call a 
monstrous beast to you. The beast will take you away to a 
desired location. While I have never seen it done, I've heard 
tales. And they are magnificent ones.
So Shaddam was quite disappointed when he found no red 
amulet. We thought about waiting to see if we might find it 
around somewhere. As we waited, we exchanged stories.

 Shaddam told us about a dark knight's home where you can 
only enter with the proper key on a night when there is a 
full moon!

Bolg told stories about hunting an elf through the 

But we were interrupted by an exclamation from Shaddam, 
"Yikes! You see that!?!"
"What?" said Bolg
Shaddam stood.... "That.... that.... I just felt a strange 
energy shoot thru -- Scry!!"
 "Scry!" repeated Bolg almost instantly.
We jumped up gathering as much as we could from the corpses 
and ran. Luckily, there was another exit and we didn't have 
to trudge through the mud. But we had to make the long trip 
east down the Old East Road on foot.
 Once we were by the roadside, we hid in the brush until 
night fell and we ran. Bolg hadn't waited. He was already a 
mile ahead of us when we left. 
We ran down the road, encoutering no white-scum along the 
way. We got word from a messenger that the Trolls we had 
visited a few days before we in trouble. A large group of 
pukes had invaded the Warrens only hours ago. We kept 
running. As we neared the Trollshaws, we ran into a band of 
Elves and Hobbits. They were surprised to see us come from 
the West so they weren't prepared. We ran past them, and 
Rentera gave chase tossing a fireball that caught Pretoria by 
surprise. It grazed me.
 We scattered.
 Bolg continued east, Shaddam practically disappeared... and 
I ducked northward as the entire group searched for us. I was 
already tired from our run... and I layed panting beside a 
stream that fed into the Bruinen.

I rolled over and jumped up startled. A hideous face stared 
at me! It was a Troll! The agony portrayed on his face was 
The stories my Papa told me came to life, "Dawn take you all! 
And to stone..." 
To stone.
Fear gripped me. These white-scum are not civil. They come to 
us to slay us. They come because they hate us. Their quaint 
societies pretend to love everyone. Their eloquent justice 
system prevents them from commiting crimes within their own 
walls, so they come to *our* lands to exercise their hidden 
desires to murder, torture, and drive us from our homes. The 
believe themselves to be benevolent. But they are the real 
haters. They aren't happy with their own homes. They want 
ours as well. 
This is why I've given my life to destroy them. Their 
hypocrasy is abominable.
My thoughts were disturbed by a blade that caught my arm. A 
Dwarf lunged at me. I ran northward. I fled into the forest 
until I came at last to a hole. I jumped in... and nearly 
fainted when I landed on someone!
I looked... Shaddam! I hugged him, and quickly backed off. 
Such emotion wasn't right.
I knew that.
We headed deeper into the Warrens from a backdoor passage. We 
heard screams and cries for help as the Trolls were 
systematically slaughtered. We knew we couldn't help. But 
honor demanded that we try. 

It was brave. But stupid.
Thank Sauron for the Hall of Orcs.
Diary of a curious orc *The Necromancer and beyond*
- Imp

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