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Subject:[General] What kind of player are you? Run this test to find out!
Date:Sun Mar 7 12:50:56 1999

Choose one of the options. Check the results at the end.

* For how long have you been playing MUME?
A. 3 years. You mean last time i logged on, dont ya?
B. I started my adventures the 23th of Foreyule, 2851.
C. What do I type to check?

* You've been playing for 5 hours, you are a bit tired. What do you do?
A. 5 hours and tired? No way, i slept for the whole half an hour yesterday,
when i last switched side.
B. I rent and prepare a walking draught rl.
C. na trans plz?

* What do you think about newbies?
A. They should be banned to Seagull Reception.
B. Impatient people who won't listen to a good tale.
C. Who is helping newbies?

* What's your char's current goal?
A. Kill! Kill! Kill!
B. Improve my animal.
C. Find someone to follow.

* Favourite mob in the game?
A. I don't care as long as they are good xp.
B. Hmm, the story-teller. No, wait, Aldereon!
C. What's a mob?

* Any hobbies rl?
A. Course. Configuring client settings and reading logs.
B. Reciting whole chapters of the books.
C. I usually go to one of my friend's to play with him.

* You are at sppi. There's a huge group there. You...
A. What the fuck am i doing here? I spam to ford.
B. Throw out my whole list of emotes.
C. Randomly select someone and follow him.

* You're taking dinner with your girlfriend, it's a very romantic situation.
What do you tell her?
A. Girlfriend? I used to have one, but i had to leave her. She insisted in
having sex during night! Thats when the link is best!
B. Oh Luthien Tinuviel.
C. For some reason girls dont like me.

* A poor clueless newbie orc runs into the superlegendgroup you're leading.
A. I won't lead a huge group. They are slow, noisy, and split wps.
B. I yell Run for your life, foul creature of Sauron!, and start singing a
war song.
C. I've never leaded a group, but can i join that one?

* Someone narrates asking for advice. You:
A. Think that narrate channel should be for war reports only.
B. Look for him and offer your services. I won't use narrate, it's
unacceptably unrealistic.
C. Tell him: wanna group?

* You're sailing west to make a focus. What do you do?
A. I'm playing on testmume for those 5 mins.
B. I start singing a farewell song to the mortal lands, and chat with
Ciryariel (in quenya, of course).
C. na darkie report in valinor?

* Did you stathunt hard for this char?
A. Not really, just the usual 50 chars.
C. What are stanuhts?

* What are your plans for this weekend?
A. Hmm i'll probably legend another shaman, and fullset my hobbit warrior.
B. I'm attending for a conference on 'The passive voice in classic Quenya'.
C. Dunno. how do you check that?

Majority of A: Stop! Rent! Logoff! Take a break! No matter how, but you must
put an end to this madness! Calling your canary Shag might be ok, but
searching quickly when you enter the kitchen is not!!

Majority of B: Your life changed the day you read The Book. Then came your
first quenya poem, and the clothespins in your ears. Fotunately, they wont
let you change your name to Elrond. Take it easy man, but you are as mad as
a hatter.

Majority of C: Remember the other day when you were about to ask your friend
to lead you to the toilet? You should have thought about it then. And btw,
putting 10 'plz' at the end of your narrates won't help. Huh? No, 20 either.

Eolung, who somewhat manages to fit the three groups.

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