"Statistics" are a set of numbers that describes your character. Statistics may depend on a character's level, race, skills practiced, age, and other factors.

Most statistics depend on a character's base abilities:

Strength (STR) Raw physical power. Among other things, it affects
your ability to cause damage in melee, and it sets
a limit to how much you can carry.
Intelligence (INT) Memory and abstract reasoning. A wizard's best friend.
Wisdom (WIS) Common sense. It affects clerical spells and herblore.
Dexterity (DEX) Useful to defend oneself against non-magical damage,
and to perform precision tasks.
Constitution (CON) Health and endurance. A must for whoever plans to
spend much time fighting.
Willpower (WIL) Iron nerves can help when facing hostile magic, when
trying to force your will onto others, and when
performing strenuous activities.
Perception (PER) Eyesight, hearing, smell... It helps in detecting
hidden things and in taking aim.

The term unmodified abilities ("info %b") means the abilities your character has before any age, training, and other temporary effects from spells, wounds, etc.

The term unaffected abilities ("info %G") means the abilities your character has counting any age and training effects, but before effects from spells, wounds, etc.

The term reference abilities ("info %B") means the abilities your character was created with, prior to any reroll, age, training or any other effect.


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