You have one account from which you can log in with your characters. If you log in with your account name, you start the game in the menu.
You can "create" (for example: "create Bilbo") new characters from here or play any of your existing characters.

You can see your account menu when logging into your account and typing "list" or when typing´ the command "account" anytime you play.
Below that list of your characters you will also see if one of your characters has unread mails.

You can also sort the characters by: side, race, level, alphabetic, or logon. Just type "account <field>" to do so.

You can change your account password with the "pass" command from the account menu.

You can also log your characters directly, without logging into the account first. If the account and the character have the same name, you can simply prepend a ! to the name ("!Bilbo").

In case you still have old characters before accounts were introduced to MUME, you can add them via the "add" command (example: "add Frodo").

You can show information about characters in your account using "account info <character>" while playing, or using "info <character>" from the account menu.


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