For making useful suggestions to the maintainers of the game. You will use the standard line editor (enter a %e on a single line to end).


> bug I can't move east from here
> idea Fish should be cookable
> typo Hill giant description
> report Lost my account password - help!

Please note that bug, idea, and typo messages are visible to all the Ainur. It is recommended you use report, which is visible only to the Valar, in case confidentiality is required (e.g. reports about suspected cheating, reports about significant bugs that could be easily abused, requests about lost passwords...) or when you could not reach a V+ via pray.
See news 2361 for the original announcement.

These commands are valuable to the gods, and a few basic guidelines should be observed when using them:

Example for reporting:
1. Type the command followed by the title of your report, e.g.

  > bug Shopkeeper's prices are too high

2. Now the lineeditor opens and you can explain the problem in detail, for example:

   : The prices in this shop seem to be multiplied with 1000, the red ruby 
   : costs 65.000 goldpieces. 
   : %e

3. To send your report type '%e' on an empty line, to cancel the report '%q'.

Remember to put a linebreak (hit enter) at the end of each line (after 79 characters), the editor does not do that automatically.

Also, if it is an idea, you must check HELP NOIDEA first to see whether you are wasting your time. Any idea which is ruled no-idea will be deleted on sight, so save your time.


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