[Delayed Command]

Travelling in the wilderness can sometimes result in the poor explorer running out of food. The solution to this problem just might be the "butcher" command. If you have killed an animal that you think should be able to give you some food, hides or whatever, type "butcher corpse", and you will soon find out if you were able to produce anything useful.

To pick the right corpse, you can also "butcher pig", "butcher deer-corpse", or similar.

Of course, you need to wield some kind of tool to be able to exploit the dead corpse in front of you...

To aid playability, it is actually enough to wear a scalping tool (on a belt for example).

A corpse which has already been butchered (or scalped) is readily identifiable.

Orcs and Trolls are not famous for their regard for the dead, so they can use the butcher command to produce "food" from the corpses of dead players...


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