When you begin the game, if you're not an Orc, a Troll or a Black Numenorean, you will become a citizen of the town you 'pray' to (the first time you pray, thus choosing your hometown).

Being a citizen affects certain aspects to life in the city, e.g.

 - In most cities you may not walk about with an unsheathed weapon unless 
   you're a citizen.
 - Shopkeepers will charge higher prices to you for their goods and 
   innkeepers will charge you higher rent if you're not a citizen.
 - You may only complain about criminals if you're a citizen
 - The city gates will open even at night for citizens.

Depending on the town, there are different means of obtaining citizenship. Some may require payment, others will give it free depending on alignment. However, make sure you have no outstanding crimes when you try to obtain citizenship, else you may lose it just as fast.


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