Original game idea, concept, and design

Katja Nyboe [Superwoman] (
Tom Madsen [Stormbringer] (
Hans Henrik Staerfeldt [God] (
Michael Seifert [Papi] (
Sebastian Hammer [Quinn] (

Additional contributions from

Michael Curran the player title collection and additional locations.
Ragnar Loenn the bulletin board
Bill Wisner for being the first to successfully port the game, uncovering
several old bugs, uh, inconsistencies, in the process.

And: Mads Haar and Stephan Dahl for additional locations.

Developed at

DIKU - The Department of Computer Science at the University of Copenhagen.

*** The MUME Development Team ***

Installed at EPFL's LBD institute (Database Institute)
on a SPARC station 5, by Yves and Eru in December 91.

Original code modifications: CryHavoc, Eru, Manw, and Nada.

We thank all the people (most of the high level gods) who have
helped us to describe and code the different zones.

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