Dying on MUME (except in the case of trolls turned to stone by the sun) does not mean the loss of all gains of the character. You can lose no more than the experience for the last level in case of a mobdeath (in this case, your age also gets reset to your starting age). In case of a pkill death, you lose less experience, but you also lose some warpoints, if you have any. In some other cases (such as deaths in death traps) you lose some travel points instead.

If you did not die to a deathtrap, you may stand a chance at recovering your equipment from your corpse. However, whatever killed you may kill you again if you are not cautious, and other players may also take your items from the corpse. If you are below level 6 and of a good race, you are entitled to a new newbie kit every time you die.

The kind of death a character suffers (mobdeath, pk, other) now depends not only on the immediate cause of the death, but also on the recent encounters of the dying character. Moreover, in case of pk, the code takes into consideration recently met friends and foes - not only those currently in the room.

More precisely:

In case of pk-death, the number of war points transferred depends both on the friends and enemies in the room, and (somewhat less) on those recently met. If you escape a huge fight and are finished off by a lucky level 1 enemy, that level 1 will not gain huge amounts of war points. Conversely, the enemies you were fleeing from will gain some.

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