Elbereth is the name of one of the greatest of the Valar, the wife of Manw, called `star-kindler' by the Elves; her other name is Varda.

NOTE: The following is obsoleted as of October 3 2004. All these issues are now handled by alignment.

In MUME, Elbereth has additional functions. She identifies those evil people of the West whose hands are most stained with the blood of peaceful hobbits, elves, dwarves, innkeepers, etc. See RULES ELBERETH for more on this subject.

Some people are good in name, and take care never to kill good people themselves, but then go about traveling with the evil foes of Elbereth, helping them in battle. Such weak-willed persons will soon find their own desire for good overwhelmed by the evil of their foul companions. Elbereth sees this effect on their souls, which is called the `touch of Elbereth', though it is actually caused by their association with evil. Good weapons will fall from their hands; elven guards will spurn them; elven cities will not receive them, until they have avoided the evil for quite some time.

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