Who can apply?
Legend homes may be bought by characters of level 30 or higher among the Free People of Arda. If the owner subsequently falls below this level for more than a short time, the house will be removed. Each character can have only one legend home.

What do you get?
A basic home has 1 room and a valet or housekeeper. Also included in the basic package is a key. If it is lost a new one must be bought.

Where can you build?
Legend Homes are restricted to the towns listed in "Help Legend Home Locations" which also lists the restrictions on the size of the home and pricing information.

How about the payment?
Payments must be made two installments. First a 50% deposit to file a building permit request, then the remaining balance. For more information on this process visit any town with a land office. Payments can be made to any willing Ms or higher immortal. Note you must be in a safe, white-side city to make your payment.

What if I do not want to live alone?
Home owners can allow their friends to enter their home even when they are not home. To notify your guards of any changes, use the FRIENDS command. For details, read help "FRIEND"

Are there any restrictions in what I can build?

  1. New legend homes must be built in such a way as to fit in with the general atmosphere of the towns in which they will be located. For example, homes in Bree will be homes that you might find in a village - not palaces. Homes in the Shire should be smials or modest above-ground homes.
  2. A legend home in a town must have a non-hidden front door.
  3. Except in the Blue Mountains and the Shire, homes should be aboveground structures, not excavations. The entrance to a home may not lead DOWN into a public street.
  4. Legend homes will generally be located on residential streets. In no event are they to be connected to existing structures in the zone with other uses, such as guilds, shops, guard posts, Bill Ferny's house, etc., nor are they to be located in public parks or graveyards.

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