The News command allows you to see important information about the game. It can be read on special news boards available in every 'city' but it can also be checked from anywhere on Arda. For reading news away from boards use the following commands:

Syntax: news [all|whole|next|[tail] <number>]

news <no-argument>          displays the news board (like 'l board')
news all (or whole)         displays the whole news board (like 'l w b')
news next                   displays the next unread message (like 'read next')
news <number>               displays the message <number> (like 'read <num>')
news reset                  mark all news messages as unread
news tail                   displays the latest news messages
news tail <number>          displays the <number> latest news messages
news catchup <number>       marks all news messages up to message <number> as
                            read. Omitting <number> marks all messages as read.
                            If <number> is negative, mark all news messages
                            except the last <-number> messages as read.

It is recommended that you check news every day. Ignorance of latest news is no grounds for a reimburse.


> news reset
> news catchup -12
> news

News are archived after a RL year: these entries will not be listed in 'news' and will be displayed last by 'news next'. See 'HELP BOARD' for more information.

You can also receive the latest news via the rss feed.


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