[Delayed Command]

If you find a track using the command TRACK <target>, you have the option to follow these tracks with the command PURSUE. PURSUE will cause you to follow the track in whichever direction it leads. This is a faster and more convenient way to follow a track over long distances.

Also note that PURSUE will cause you to enter the room in question no matter what danger may lie in it. You will need to enter the command each time you wish to pursue your victim.

You can also PURSUE <target>. This command has the same delay as TRACK <target> but will also move you when you find the track. It can be used for initial tracking but is not advisable as a method of following a track over longer distances.


  > pursue
  > pursue gwokk

For following a track over several rooms:

  > track *dwarf*  OR  pursue *dwarf*
  > pursue
  > pursue

See also: TRACK

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