Below is the annotated complete list of the 2003 April 1st enter-game-quiz questions. They were written by Aredhel (whose idea it was), Dáin (whose code it was), Fëanor, and Manwë.

0) MUME opened in 1992, but who started writing it?

1) The US is currently waging a war. What other glorious war does this remind you of?

2) Which of the following races is for experienced players?

3) Whose idea was the legendary "run" feature?

4) Which author's work is MUME closest to?

5) Can an entry on the "noidea" list be removed?

6) What is Morgul Vale used for?

7) Which year does MUME take place?

8) Who is the Arata of Mudlle?

9) What is the passsword?

10) Who got the worst namechange?

11) What's that claw monster in Moria called?

12) Who reached the legendary level 100?

13) Huor was MUME's highest level character for several years, but who was highest before him?

14) Which of these addresses was MUME once run on?

15) Which is MUME's IP?

16) Which city apparently contains the highest number of annoying kids?

17) Who is in charge of the machine MUME runs on?

18) How many lines of C/C++ code did MUME have on January 12, 2002?

19) What's MUME's motto about?

20) What does FIRE stand for?

21) What does MUME stand for?

22) Which ISP is responsible for most bansites?

23) Which is MUME's smartest mobile?

24) Which side has killed most allies in the current Iraq war?

25) Whose impressive armada is guarding the Persian gulf?

26) What do you call a failed physician?

27) What do you need to get an orc hovel?

28) How many Elves were there at Helm's deep?

29) What happened to Kurt Cobain?

30) Who's in charge of legendhomes?

31) What is the capital of Assyria?

32) What is Eressëa?

33) John Rhys-Davies is ...

34) How many gates did Gondolin have?

35) Who thought of this annoying idea?

36) Who implemented this annoying idea?

37) What day is it today?

38) Which is the least reliable news source right now?

39) What is Gollum's problem?

40) Dwarves of Middle-earth are ...

41) Christopher Lee is ...

42) Which mob dies most?

43) What's the maximum number of letters in a MUME name?

44) Which was the first zone in MUME?

45) Which Implementor has been longest active on MUME?

46) Who was MUME's first Arata of Zones?

47) Who added Black Númenoreans, Orcs and Trolls to MUME?

48) Who wrote Mudlle?

49) Where is the MUME computer located?

50) Which MUD inspired MUME's creation?

51) What was the first original code on MUME?

52) How large is an outdoor room?

53) How many player wipes have there been on MUME?

54) Which was the first quest on MUME?

55) Which very liked Vala used the word "nifty" every two words?

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