(Thief Skill) [Toggle Command]

Usage: sneak [on|off]

Used for sneaking (moving in and out of rooms without anyone knowing). The sneak command will toggle on and off your ability to sneak.

The chances of a succesful sneak depend on the terrain and the number of people you are trying to hide from. You must be on foot: sneaking on horseback is impossible. It is impossible to sneak successfully when you are fleeing a room.
Hobbits (and Elves to a lesser extent) sneak well, Dwarves not so well, and Trolls are totally inept at sneaking.

After sneaking successfully, you are hidden from the people in the room, but if they look for you they will find you instantly.

You move slower when sneaking.


> sneak
Ok, you'll try to move silently for a while.
S > sneak
You stop sneaking.

Sometimes you stop sneaking (e.g. due to fleeing). In that case, you will not be able to sneak for a very short time. Your sneak-indicator in the prompt will change to a "s". You receive a message when you "feel stealthy again".


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