In order to specify which particular object you want to act on, you use the object's name together with an (optional) list of prefixes.

  get sword              # picks up the first sword in the room
  get 2.sword            # picks up the second sword in the room

"first" and "second" here means the first/second one you see when you type "look".

Some commands will allow you to use an object that is either worn (in your equipment), in your inventory, or in your room. In that case, all three locations are searched, in that order.

The following command will put the second sword that you have in your inventory into the third sack that you either have in your equipment, in your inventory, or which is in your room:

  put 2.sword 3.sack

Note that the first argument, "sword", can only be in your inventory, while the second one, "sack", can be in either place.

You can also use one of the "equipment.", "inventory.", and "room." prefixes (they can be abbreviated!) to narrow the search:

  put 2.sword inv.sack     # put sword into 1st sack in inventory
  put 2.sword room.2.sack  # put sword into 2nd sack in room

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