If you want a list of all spells, type 'HELP SPELL LIST'.

Technical information on each spell is given by 'HELP <SPELLNAME>':
Syntax      : What to type to make the spell work properly.
Accumulative: If the spell is accumulative or not.
Duration    : If the spell has a duration or not.
Position    : In what positions you can cast the spell.
Example     : An example that should work if you just cut/paste it.
[victim] means that an argument is possible, but not at all times necessary.
<victim> means that an argument is always required.

Offensive spells (generally) need an argument only if the caster is not engaged in combat.

The rest of the information given by 'help <spellname>' should be self explanatory.

Some spells are castable on self by default (with no argument), these are: Armour, Bless, Cure blindness, Cure critical, Cure light, Detect evil, Detect invisibility, Detect magic, Detect poison, Heal, Shroud, Protection from evil, Remove curse, Sanctuary, Strength, Word of Recall, Remove poison, Sense life, Cure serious, Night vision, Shield.

You cannot cast a spell when you are of a level lower than the minimum to learn it from a guildmaster. Hence losing a level can result in the loss of certain spells, rather than a greater mana cost.


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