Being a long and robust stick, a staff can be used both to strike down one's enemies and to parry their blows.

In MUME, you can use a staff by itself, as a two-handed weapon. It does not cause as much damage as a two-handed sword or a halberd, but it provides a much better defence. Wielded together with another weapon, the staff is used only to deflect blows: in this case, it works exactly like a shield.

Like some weapons, MUME staves can be enchanted by magic users. Unlike other weapons, a staff remains bound to the person who enchanted it, and cannot be used by anyone else.

Staves can also be upgraded, by embedding several items in them. If the staff is reinforced with bands of metal, its defensive properties are boosted. If, on the other side, rare gems are embedded in an enchanted staff, the staff will enhance its owner's magical abilities; what kind of enhancement depends on which gem is embedded. Lastly, a Hero can cast 'create focus' on his staff, provided it is of the finest quality. Once the staff is focused it becomes a source of light as well.

Up to March 1998, staves could be used together with both a shield and a weapon. Those characters who owned a staff BEFORE the change will find their old staff converted either to a new, non-upgraded staff, or to another kind of focus. If they so choose, those who kept the staff can go to any armourer or jeweller, and MERGE their old bejewelled, tower or worm-hide shield into the staff. This will fully upgrade the staff, making it grant maximal defence. MERGE WILL NOT WORK WITH NEWLY-MADE STAVES, ONLY WITH OLD STAVES. ONCE YOU MERGE A SHIELD IN YOUR OLD STAFF, IT CANNOT BE UPGRADED ANYMORE. MERGING CANNOT BE REVERSED.
Example: 'merge bejewelled in staff'


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